Heat Exchangers / Pressure / Vacuum vessels

This is a specialist area that has been a core part of Service Engineers business, since our inception over 30 years ago.

We have produced vessels to the following codes AS/NZ 1210, PD 5500, ASME VIII,  AS/NZ 1596 (relates specifically to LPG).

Applications have varied such as, Iron Sponge Element filters (for use in Waste Water treatment plants for digester gas), Various water filter vessels (for use in industrial and municipal water plants), Carbon dioxide vessels, LPG vessels, Gas scrubbers, Coalescer vessels, Cement road tankers, Vacuum vessels (for mobile sucker trucks), Hydro electric power penstocks, bifurcations and heat exchangers.

Often these products are developed jointly with the client, their engineers and our engineering team to ensure build ability, compliance to codes and statutory requirements.

Heat Exchangers / Pressure / Vacuum vessels - Case Studies

  • Project Hobson - Heat Exchangers
    • Project:Project Hobson - Heat Exchangers
    • Client:Fletcher Construction Company for Watercare Services Limited
    • Year:2009
    • This project was a joint venture between The Fletcher Construction Company (FCC) and McConnel Dowell. Service Engineers Limited worked as a subcontractor to FCC.  The main contract was to construct a 3.5km tunnel under the estuary from Hobson Bay
  • Mangere WWTP other contracts
    • Project:Mangere WWTP other contracts
    • Client:Watercare Services Limited
    • Year:2003 - 2009
    • Projects completed on the Mangere site over the years are as follows:   2003 - Gas Burner upgrade. 2003 - Siloxane removal system for digester gas. 2003 - HS2 removal system. Design build of 2 large stainless steel pressure vessels. 2005 - Fairview pump station.
  • Gas Coalescer
    • Project:Gas Coalescer
    • Client:Contact Energy
    • Year:2006
    • Service Engineers Limited fabricated and installed a gas coalescer vessel, designed to AS1210 Class 1 with an operating range up to 40 Bar and 10-250 deg C.

Heat Exchangers / Pressure / Vacuum vessels - Gallery