Project Hobson - Heat Exchangers

  • Client: Fletcher Construction Company for Watercare Services Limited
  • Year: 2009

This project was a joint venture between The Fletcher Construction Company (FCC) and McConnel Dowell. Service Engineers Limited worked as a subcontractor to FCC.  The main contract was to construct a 3.5km tunnel under the estuary from Hobson Bay to Parnell, and to construct a new effluent-strom water pumping station 35m underground.


Service Engineers Limited's scope consisted of the fabrication, supply and site installation of the cooling water system for the 6 Flygt externally cooled pumps. These pumps are located at the bottom of a 35m deep excavation and are capable of pumping 1000L per second vertically 100ft each.


Service Engineers Limited fabricated and installed on site, the following:


  1. 6 x 700mm diameter heat exchangers from 316L stainless steel and to ASME B31.3 pipe and pressure vessel code.
  2. 2 x Cooling water tanks from 316L stainless steel.
  3. 316L connecting pipework in various sizes. All manufactured and welded to ASME IX code.
  4. Sump Pumping system. All 316L pipe was manufactured to AMSE IX code.
  5. 6 x Galvanised cable support arms.


This project included working at the bottom, and on the vertical wall, of a 35m deep by 22m diameter shaft. A large portion of the work was done from heights and within confined space. Work had to be organised to fit in and around various other subcontractors and FCC during construction.  Overall, Service Engineers Ltd finished the project on time, safely and without incident. There was no rework necessary and all testing was successful first time.




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