McKee Power Station Tanks

  • Client: McKee Power Plant
  • Year: 2012

This contract was for the supply and installation of two CST storage tanks for bulk water storage within the newly constructed McKee Power Plant.  The tanks consist of: a 720m3 Demineralised Water Tank and a 1200m3 Raw Water Tank.  Both tanks were completed with access ladders and platforms.


The Demineralised Water Tank was a CST steel floored type and the Raw Water tank consisted of a concrete floor, both tanks had aluminium domed roofs.  Both tanks were built in situ on site using the jack build method, which utilised a mechanical jack system that enables the tank to be built from the roof down to ground level.  This method negates the need to have crews working at height from scaffolds etc.  The programmed build time for this project was very short, however the jack build process enabled the project to be completed on time and within budget with no H&S incidents.



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