Kaituna River Diversion Project

  • Client: J Swap Contractors
  • Year: 2019

During 2019, Penstocks New Zealand (PNZ), a subsidiary company of Service Engineers Ltd, were involved in the Kaituna River Diversion Project.

This project is designed to increase fresh water flows from the Kaituna River into the Maketu Estuary to improve the ecological health of the Estuary.

Penstocks New Zealand completed the fabrication and installation of the 12 new flow control gates required in the project. These gates are PNZ's Model F35S, approximately 2.5m high by 2.5m wide and fabricated from Grade 2205 Stainless Steel.  The gates were fabricated and tested in the SEL shop before being transported down to site for installation. The gates are hydraulically actuated and SEL also completed the supply and install of the hydraulic system. 

PNZ's contract also included all electrical works required for gate operation. This was sub-contracted to an Electrical Contractor and managed by PNZ. 

Kaituna River Diversion Gates

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