Hillsborough Pumping Station Pipework Replacement

  • Client: Watercare Service Limited
  • Year: 2013

Hillsborough Pump Station is located on the shore of Manukau Harbour, pumping the flow from the Onehunga Branch Sewer up to a connection on the Western Interceptor Sewer at the entrance to the Manukau siphon.   The station was constructed in 1959, incorporating cast iron pipework.   The contract for Pumping Station no. 23 involved removing all the remaining cast iron pipework in the station and replacing it with new steel pipework.


Service Engineers Ltd was appointed as the main contractor; the scope being to replace the existing 750NB header and four 450NB pump risers with a painted steel equivalent.   Replacement pipework was measured up and fabricated before-hand and then installed to a set procedure.   The job required complete planning, and to be completed to a strict program because the replacement work was carried out whilst the station was online or under shut-down conditions.   Shut down times were specified by Watercare Services at night to coincide with low flows and occasionally low tides.