Army Bay Sludge Tank Replacement

  • Client: Watercare
  • Year: 2013

Service Engineers was appointed as the main contractor for works at the Army Bay site.  This project was the most recently completed work by SEL at Army Bay, as multiple projects have been completed in the past, in an on-going relationship with Watercare, and SEL's commitment to ensuring the smooth running of the site.   The new works included replacing the two existing sludge tanks with three new CST tanks.  The tanks had to built, removed and replaced in stages to ensure the plant was operational at all times.


Service Engineers was responsible for the design and construction of the replacement sludge tank. The process, civil and mechanical aspects of the plant design were undertaken by AWT Water Ltd, and the electrical design was undertaken by ERGO. The new components are operated from an existing MCC housed within the Amenities building. The main control panel and MCC are in a common enclosure with multiple compartments (including PLC and telemetry).   The existing PLC is used to monitor and control the plant and supplys status, alarm and trending information to the sites' Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.




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