Auckland Airport Pump Station 8 Upgrade

  • Client: Auckland Airport International Limited
  • Year: 2016

This project involved the upgrade of the existing fire water supply pump station at Auckland International Airport to improve the reliability and security of supply of fire flow water to the airport complex and to improve the peak domestic water supply capability when this demand exceeds the supply capability of the incoming Watercare network. The upgrade works at PS8 included:

  • A building extension to the PS8 complex and installation of 2 new diesel power pump sets to supply firefighting water to the airport complex in a duty/standby arrangement.
  • Removal of existing diesel and electric pump sets from the existing PS8 building and replacement with a skid mounted pump set arrangement to provide:
    • Augmentation to the airport domestic supply when this demand exceeds the Watercare capacity
    • Regular circulation of water through the fire flow storage reservoirs to maintain water quality
  • Pipework and valve modifications to suit the new arrangement and regular testing regimes including weekly performance testing of the diesel powered pumps.
  • New instrumentation for system control, monitoring and regular testing.
  • Electrical work for pump operations and building services requirements.


AIAL PS8 Pumps (1)

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