American Samoa Power Authority - Organic Rankine Cycle

  • Client: American Samoa Power Authority
  • Year: 2012

Service Engineers was responsible for the design, manufacture, construction, integration and commissioning of the all new Organic Rankine Cycle generator, within the existing power station, at the Tafuna site in American Samoa.  Service Engineers was appointed as the EPC contractor providing the balance of plant items and co-ordinating all parties: AECOM provided design and commissioning support; Pratt and Whitney provided the key pieces of equipment in the ORC units; Current Electrical provided all the electrical and automation design and installation; and ASPA provided support and facilities.


The American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) Tafuna site generates power with reciprocating diesel engines, which require cooling to remove excess heat of combustion from the engine block and intercooler.  This heat is considered a waste as it cannot be normally recovered for conversion into saleable electricity.   A waste heat recovery generator, using a thermodynamic cycle known as the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), converts specialised organic fluids at elevated temperatures into electricity.


The project was completed in a location which tested the engineers' design skills due to the ambient temperatures and the low availability of specialised equipment locally.  However, these issues were overcome and the project was delivered early (the construction program being set for 9 months and the project being delivered in 7).  We believe we delivered a project that the client can be proud of given its ground breaking qualities in utilising existing infrastructure to produce maximum benefit for its community.


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