Queens Wharf Passenger Gangway, Ports of Auckland

  • Client: Ports of Auckland
  • Year: 2013

Service Engineers was appointed as the main contractor to design, construct and install a new Passenger Gangway to be used on Queens Wharf.  The design had to be consistent with the existing Gangway on Princes Wharf and the works were required not to affect port operations or any other users of the wharf.  Service Engineers was responsible for the design and construction of the new gangway, working alongside the engineers: BECA.


Ports of Auckland currently own and operate a Passenger Gangway Located on Princes Wharf (also fabricated by SEL) which is used for passenger access/egress from cruise liners visiting Auckland.  With the ever increasing size of cruise ships and number of transit passengers, a new gangway was required to cope with the new demands.  Ports of Auckland required a new, larger Passenger Gangway to be located on Queens Wharf to manage increased cruise liner activity and the need to reach a wider range of ship door positions.  The Gangway has been designed to be consistent in terms of construction and appearance to the existing Princes Wharf Passenger Gangway.  However it is a design step up in both terms of control and operation: it is fitted with an onboard generator and PLC with touch screen displays to control and monitor all aspects of gangway operation.



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