Holcim Fine Powder Silos

  • Client: Holcim New Zealand
  • Year: 2013

Service Engineers provided Holcim with two 25.6m high, 10m diameter CST steel bolted silos for their Lyttelton cement depot. These silos were placed on 6m high concrete supports giving a total height of 31.6 meters. Designs for the silos were completed in-line with new seismic requirements for Christchurch, and were peer reviewed before fabrication.


Both the programme and site constraints posed challenges to the construction process, namely: the site was very tight and had little lay down space for tank parts; and an access way between the crane and the silos had to be maintained for Holcim cement tankers. Strict Health and Safety procedures were employed to ensure the safety of workers and make certain that trucks did not have to pass under live loads. Planning was imperative to ensure works had a minimal effect on the daily operation of the plant and to ensure the strict program was fulfilled, tank parts were delivered to site from a storage yard as required for immediate installation.



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